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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my policy page! Here you will find my policies for reviews and review submissions, posting comments, and giveaways (in that order). 

If you are looking for information about how I consider the books I accept for review, please, please, please read the following review policy before sending me anything.

*I am currently NOT accepting e-books for review!*
*I am currently NOT accepting adult fiction for review!*

Review Policy:

This is a YA* book blog! I will, more often than not, ONLY accept YA fiction for review submissions. Occasionally I will accept MG** novels for review submission. If you are an author or a publisher who wants me to review a book, shoot me an email! I love hearing from you. Here are some guidelines for submissions:
YA* - young adult 
MG* - middle grade
  • I will accept ARCs, published titles, and self-published titles.  I prefer hard copies because I don't have an e-reader and I have to read e-books on my computer.
  • I cannot guarantee I will review every e-book I accept for review. I have limited time and access to them. It WILL take me longer to get to them.
  • I am not currently accepting audio books for review.
  • I may decline your request to review a title. If I do, I will indicate why in my reply.
  • I may not review every title I accept for review. This is because there are times when I can't get into a book (for whatever reason) and do not finish the book as a result. I don't feel I can give a fair review because I don't finish reading the title in its entirety, or if something comes up, I will not review it. If this is the case, I will usually offer to do a feature post, including giving away my review copy. 
  • I will post both positive and negative reviews. All reviews are honest and fair.
  • What I include in my reviews: a picture of the book cover, the title, author, author website, summary (usually from Goodreads), and my personal review.
  • I am also open to doing author interviews and feature posts. I will do a book spotlight for books I haven't read, and interviews for books I have read.
  • I would love to hold contests/giveaways, but my funds are limited. 
  • If you would like to contact me about reviews/interviews/giveaways/feature posts, please include the following information: Title of the book, author, release date and if the book is part of a series (and if it is, which number in the series it is), and a short summary or a link to more information.

The genres I'm currently interested in are:
  • YA dystopian
  • YA post-apocalyptic
  • YA fantasy
  • YA faerie
I am open to accepting other genres as well.

Additional information:
I live in the Alaska time zone. I can schedule posts for certain times (8am EST, etc.), so let me know if that is something you'd like me to do, particularly for feature posts.
I don't accept/receive any money or any other consolation for my reviews. 
The guidelines above are subject to change. 
If you have any review requests, questions, or comments, shoot me an email at amandaswritings@gmail.com.

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Commenting Policy:
*Due to a recent influx of spammy comments, I'm enabling word verification and comment moderation. I'll keep it up for a few weeks then take it down to see if it stopped the spam. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • I hate it when I have to do the verification things to comment on a post, so I don't use it here. 
  • Spam will be deleted.
  • Anonymous comments are are not allowed.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome. Destructive criticism is not.
  • Opinions are great! I love to hear them!
  • Keep it drama-free, please!
  • Links are welcome, as long as they're not spam!
  • You can always email me at amandaswritings(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions/comments. I love emails!

Giveaway Policy:

I often host giveaways on Amanda's Writings. Here are my rules/guidelines for those:

  • Unless specified, all giveaways are for people 13 and up. I work on the honor system here!
  • I usually will use Rafflecopter as my entry form.
  • I do usually offer extra entries included in the same form. The rules for those will be specified in the post.
  • I always require an email address.
  • I am the only one who will see this information, and I do not keep it on file!
  • Most of my giveaways will be U.S. and Canada only, unless otherwise specified.
  • I try to have the prizes sent out within two weeks. I live in Alaska, so packages can take a long time to arrive.
  • I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Sorry, but I can't afford to send things more than once. 
  • The winner(s) of giveaways will have 48 hours to respond to the email I will send before another winner is chosen.
  • I'm always happy to hear you got your package, so feel free to shoot me an email to let me know you got it!
All of these rules/guidelines are subject to change at any time. More specific rules and guidelines are always included in the giveaway post.

I do host giveaways for authors and publishers. I am always partial to those who are willing to send the prizes directly to the winner(s) because I do have limited funds. If you're interested in having me host a giveaway, email me at amandaswritings@gmail.com.

I do occasionally participate in giveaway hops.

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