A Girl with a Book Problem

Hello fellow readers!

I'm terribly sorry for the awfully long break in posts. Five months is kind of a long time. But it was a much needed break for me. 

I started this blog because I love reading and I love talking about reading even more. For a little while though, it started to be a chore. When something you love starts dragging you down a little, it's not great. SO I took a break, gotten into a good flow of school and work and social life, and read a whole lot of books just for the heck of it. 

And now I'm back! And it's exciting! 

I have a review all typed up for an excellent book that I just finished reading, and that will be up tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm going to tell you a true story.

I started college last June! It was very exciting! I had the opportunity to go and grow and branch out and meet new people and learn new things! Woohoo! But I also had to fly all the way from Alaska and had to fit all of my stuff into one suitcase and a duffel bag. Now being a bookish sort of person, I own quite a lot of books. A ridiculous amount, really. So with the prospect of packing all my stuff looming over me, I decided to go through my books, find the ones I didn't like or wouldn't ever read again, and donate them to the local library. 

I might have got rid of five. 

That didn't really help with all the packing...

Somewhere in the back of my head I had totally accepted the fact that I would in no way shape or form be able to take the number of books with me that I had previously deemed good enough. (Just so we're clear, that would have been all of them). So I set to narrowing it down. Which books could I NOT live without? Which ones would be good enough to read a few more times over? I ended up with the following:

BUT. I am a bookish person! I assume you are too, so you can probably imagine how my situation quickly changed. Hehe. It is now March, nearly the end of my Freshman year, and I now have in my possession 55 hard copies of some book or another, AND because my parents are the best I also procured a Nook and have since loaded it with 58 other books. 

My roommates have all told me that I have a book problem. 

I've assured them that I do.

So there's my story! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you can relate! Check back tomorrow for a BRAND NEW REVIEW! The last one since August, I must shamefully admit. So be excited!

Thanks for reading!

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