The Bookish Tendencies of A Reader

Hello readers! You've probably noticed that I've been a bit behind on posting. You may have also noticed that today is New Year's Day (or eve, or the day after, wherever you are....). With those two facts swirling around in my head, I feel obligated to mention both of them. Hahaha ;). One of my many New Year's Resolutions this year is to keep up a regular posting schedule. I see quite a few roadblocks in the near future that may prevent that (a trip to Italy, heading off to college, etc.), but I'll see if I can work around that.

But this post isn't about New Year's resolutions, or blog posts, or Italy, or even college. Nope. This post is about Books. And Reading.

The Bookish Tendencies of A Reader
( ^^^ Just so you know, I'm finding myself to be very proud of that title. ^^^ )
All readers have their own quirks and habits with books. Here are just a few different ones that I've observed:
1. The Book-Borrower
This kind of reader frequents libraries and the bookshelves of other bookish friends. Can often be seen leaving the library with 3-7 books at a time. Often loves the smell of old books. Not usually a re-reader.

2. The Book-Buyer
This kind of reader frequents bookstores (sometimes online, but mostly not). Cannot leave a bookstore without buying at least one new book. Often times, this kind of reader will often buy a book that was previously borrowed from a friend or library and loved. Loves the smell of new books and the way it feels to open a new book for the first time. Constantly has to make room on bookshelves for new books. A big fan of re-reading.

3. The Book-Snagger
This kind of reader loves the freebies and frequents book blogs, library exchanges, book giveaways, etc. This kind of reader also frequents used bookstores. Not particularly picky about where books come from.

4. The E-Booker
The new era of the book-snaggers. This kind of reader LOVES their e-reader and uses it constantly. This reader is always on the lookout for the e-book deals of the day, and often has an entire library of e-books waiting to be read. Doesn't go anywhere without their e-reader. Not usually a re-reader.

These are definitely generic categories of readers, but I'm sure most people could fit themselves into one or more of these categories. I am most definitely a Book-Buyer. I absolutely LOVE the way bookstores smell, the way new books smell, the sound a book makes when you open it for the first time... Barnes and Noble is my favorite bookstore (and they actually have one of those up here in Fairbanks, Alaska!), but I love almost any bookstore. I buy A LOT of books. Lately I've been trying to get more online (they're usually cheaper that way), but I still have a soft spot for bookstores :).

SO. Do any of these categories sound familiar to you? Can you fit yourself into one or more of them, or are you a different category entirely? Please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!

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