I Promise I'm Still Here!

Hi readers! I'm super sorry about not posting very consistently! I promise I'm still here, still reading, and planning a bunch of awesome stuff to post! I have LOTS of reviews to get caught up on, lots of book spotlights, blog tours, and giveaways that are coming up soon! By soon, I mean next week! So make sure to check back then for a chance at some awesome prizes. 

I'm not always able to post over here, but I'm on Goodreads ALL the time, so if you're interested in seeing what I'm reading, check there! 

You guys are awesome! Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad there's going to be lots of new posts! (:

    If you're not too overwhelmed with all the posts, I'd love it if you'd join my Haunted Week meme—it's just in time for Halloween! http://bit.ly/Pw0OdU

    Hope to see you there! (:

    1. Thanks for stopping by! That looks like a ton of fun! I'll definitely be adding my link :)

    2. Great—I can't wait! Oh, and by the way, I'm reading the Mark of Athena too right now. Great book! (:

    3. Awesome! And yes! I'm loving it too!


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