Haunted Week: Back From the Grave

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Get ready to dig up your past and bring some of your old friends back to life: Today feature five books you read and loved as a kid.

My teacher read this to my class in fourth grade, and I loved it! I made my mom get it for me at the next book fair. I've re-read it lots of times since then, and still have it on my shelf today!

This is the first Harry Potter book I ever read by myself, and it's one of the first "chapter books" I ever read. This one started it all. ;)

When my dad went to Iraq, people donated toys and books to the families left behind. This is a book I got that Christmas. I've read this poor book to death! It's completely tattered, but I still love it!

I had two copies of this one when I was little. I've since lost one of them, but this has always been one of my favorites. But who doesn't love Wilbur?

I was around ten when my mom bought this one for me. I think this is one she got for me while I was getting my hair permed. I loved this one because it was super exciting, and it took place in Germany, and it was just awesome! I still have this one too!

 This one was a super hard one for me, because I have so many books I loved when I was younger! Like The Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Peter and the Starcatchers, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, A Series of Unfortunate Events... I could go on forever! I would love to hear what your favorites were, so please! Leave me a comment!


  1. Awe, I remember a lot of these—Charlotte's Web, The Secret Garden, The Little Princess—I've been so nostalgic the last few days just thinking about all these books I loved when I was little. (:

    Great post! (:

    1. I've been the same way :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ah I forgot about Ruby Holler. That was one of my favorites as well when I was little. I read it a bunch of times :) Sharon Creech was one of my favorite children's authors. SO much nostalgia!

    My post can be found here: http://abeautyandthebook.blogspot.com/2012/10/haunted-week-day-4-back-from-grave.html


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