A Few Orders of Business...

I've been having lots of Internet issues lately. Our dumb computers won't stay connected, and when the disconnect they can't locate our network. I would compensate for this at school, but the school's server blocks blogger. Sometimes I think the universe is telling me I should quit blogging. Admittedly, I've considered it. Luckily for the people who enjoy reading my blog, I like it too much to seriously consider it. That's one reason for my lack of posts lately. The other is homework. I detest homework.

Well that was just in case you were wondering. Not really all that important. Here are my somewhat more important matters:

1. The giveaway I'm currently hosting, the one for Borrowing Abby Grace, ends tomorrow. Hurry up and enter if you haven't already! The books are definitely worth reading, and they're short! So even if you're swamped by homework like me, or have other more pressing things that dominate your reading time, Borrowing Abby Grace is perfect!

2. I'm adding a rating system to my reviews! I'm going to go back through all my old reviews and add the system to them, but that might take a while. So while all of the old reviews might not have a rating, the new ones will (as soon as I get one set up)! I'll have the key to my rating system somewhere on my sidebar as soon as I work out the details.

3. Book reviews may be a bit scarce in the next few weeks. A.P. Lit is picking up again with The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (I've mentioned this one in a post before... great book), and The Canterbury Tales. Both come with multiple papers and projects. They take preference over book reviews. Sorry.

Well that's just about it. Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Borrowing Abby Grace giveaway (see my giveaway page) and this weekend I'll post a review of The Project by Brian Falkner.

One last thing: The Hunger Games movie is coming out in a few months. Holy Cow! I recently discovered a song from the soundtrack:

I absolutely love it. Can't wait for the movie!

Thanks for reading!

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