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In My Mailbox is a weekly event hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren.com. It's where bloggers share the books they've received that week, whether it be from an actual mailbox, a library, a bookstore, etc. This week I got three books:
Save The Pearls Part One: Revealing Eden
Eden Newman must mate before her 18th birthday or she’ll be left outside to die in a burning world. But who will pick up her mate-option when she’s cursed with blond hair, blue-eyes and a tragically low mate-rate of 15 percent? In a post-apocalyptic world where resistance to the overheated environment defines class and beauty, Eden’s coloring brands her as a weak and ugly Pearl. If only she can mate with a dark-skinned Coal from the ruling class, she’ll be safe. But when she unwittingly compromises her father’s secret experiment, she is thrust into the last patch of rainforest, and into the arms of the powerful, beastly man who she believes is her enemy, despite her overwhelming attraction. Eden must fight to survive, but only if she can redefine beauty and true love.
I got a signed copy of this from the publisher. I just finished it yesterday, actually, and I loved it! I'll have a review posted soon!

The Deliverer

After a series of strange events, Silas Ainsley realizes that he is not a normal seventeen-year-old. In his journey to escape from two mysterious headhunters, Silas discovers his life and death are key to saving an entire world, called Marenon, from darkness and destruction.
The only way to get to Marenon is to die and Silas has just arrived.
I got this one from the author and have yet to start it. It sounds interesting, though.


They've gotten good grades - but that's not good enough. They've spent hours on community service - but that's not good enough. Finn and Chloe's advisor says that colleges have enough kids with good grades and perfect attendance, so Chloe decides they'll have to attract attention another way. She and Finn will stage Chloe's disappearance, and then, when CNN is on their doorstep and the nation is riveted, Finn will find and save her. It seems like the perfect plan - until things start to go wrong. Very wrong.
I got this one from my school's library. The cover caught my eye, and I thought, why not?

Well that's my mailbox. What did you get in yours this week? If you'd like to leave a link in the comments, I'll definitely check out your post!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. New follower. Like the Christmas background a lot. Very cute header. I've never heard of any of these books. Come check out my Goodie Bag as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  2. I have never heard of any of these books. The first 2 sound like books I would like, the third one sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. These all sound great. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a new follower of yours. Have a great reading week.

  4. There are all new to me but I love the sounds of Revealing Eden!

    Xpresso Reads

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Grace and Kathy- Thanks for following!

  6. Everything is new to me. Revealing Eden looks good, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by my IMM:)

  7. I've not heard of any of these but they do look interesting. The covers look nice too - I look forward to seeing what you think of them.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! You all are awesome!

  9. Great Mailbox! those books sound interesting. I hadn't really heard of them before. I'll have to check them out!
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    A Beautiful Madness


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