Book Review: Settling by Shelley Workinger and a Giveaway!!!

Synopsis (from Goodreads.com): At the beginning of the summer, Clio Kaid was one of a hundred teens brought to a secret Army installation. But it was no ordinary camp and they weren’t ordinary kids…

Picking up where “Solid” left off, Clio and her friends realize that they aren’t ready to go home; they’re determined to stay on campus and continue their journey of self- discovery. But someone doesn’t feel the same way and will do anything to drive them away – even kill.

Friendships will be tested, abilities will evolve, and more secrets will come out as the teens race to stop the killer before he sets his sights on one of them…

My Review: *I received a digital copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.* I absolutely loved it. It was intense. I couldn't look away! It was fast-pased and exciting and intense! It was a great follow up for Solid (which I also loved). There were most of the same characters from Solid, and actually a few new ones. I liked how although this book is about genetically altered teens, there is still a lot of relatability to it. The characters still have normal issues to deal with in addition to the secret military instillation and genetic alterations and crazy killers. It made the book realistic. As with Solid, I loved the ways the characters interacted with each other. Settling picks up right where Solid left off and right away something happens. Things then start getting really complicated for Clio, the main character, and discoveries and changes are made. A little too complicated for the likes of the other characters. The climax was brilliantly drawn out and brought everything together nicely, even if it wasn't all that 'nice'. Of the two books so far, Settling was definitely my favorite.

The end left me hanging! I can't wait for the next book, Sound (coming summer 2012).

Here are some links if you'd like to learn more:

Now for what you've been waiting for... Another giveaway! This one is courtesy of Shelley Workinger, the author of the two wonderful books mentioned above. She is willing to give away one copy of Solid, and one copy of Settling! They will be e-books in either Kindle format or PDF. The entry form is below and includes to bonus entries if you follow Shelley on her blog and on Twitter (both linked above). One entry per person! Good luck to you all! The form will close on December 24th:

And with that I'd just like to remind everyone of the other giveaways happening right now here on Amanda's Writings, including an opportunity to win one of 200 e-books, and my 100 followers giveaway! You can find all of those on my December Giveaways page.

Thanks for reading!

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