Book Review: Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

Synopsis (from Goodreads.com): When Cassie was a little girl, her grandmother told her a fairy tale about her mother, who made a deal with the Polar Bear King and was swept away to the ends of the earth. Now that Cassie is older, she knows the story was a nice way of saying her mother had died. Cassie lives with her father at an Arctic research station, is determined to become a scientist, and has no time for make-believe.

Then, on her eighteenth birthday, Cassie comes face-to-face with a polar bear who speaks to her. He tells her that her mother is alive, imprisoned at the ends of the earth. And he can bring her back — if Cassie will agree to be his bride.

That is the beginning of Cassie's own real-life fairy tale, one that sends her on an unbelievable journey across the brutal Arctic, through the Canadian boreal forest, and on the back of the North Wind to the land east of the sun and west of the moon. Before it is over, the world she knows will be swept away, and everything she holds dear will be taken from her — until she discovers the true meaning of love and family in the magical realm of Ice.

My Review: Well, I was severely disappointed yet mildly entertained. It was absolutely NOT what I was led to believe. I was hoping for a sort of the-hero-makes-sacrifices-to-save-family/familiar-fairy-tale sort of thing. And I expected it to be better than Enchanted Ivy. I found it rather ridiculous and just plain weird.

The prologue did a good job of catching my attention. It started out with a sort of fairy tale/bedtime story. I love those. The first chapter was really intriguing, too. After that, it got weird. Just a little weird, but still weird. It didn't get really weird until the last third, where most of the story happens. The end was also weird.

By weird, I don't mean odd or strange. I mean completely bizarre. Can you explain why there's a random mermaid? Or why the main character peed her pants? Or the troll castle? I don't get it.

I didn't love Ice, and I probably won't read it again anytime soon, but I was entertained. I couldn't put it down, just because of how weird it was. I could see the good ideas and thought process behind it all, but they didn't quite shine through enough.

If you're looking for something light and fun, this is a good one as long as you don't mind weird. If anyone else has read this and has a different opinion, please share! I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ice was definitely not what I was expecting either. I agree with you that it was really, really weird. Bizarre, odd, whatever you want to call it. It's been a while since I finished Ice, but I agree that there were some scenes that didn't make any sense and while it was interesting in the beginning, Ice was just strange. Something that I would also never pick up again.

    1. I definitely agree! Thanks for commenting!


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