New Cover Release!

Guess what guess what guess what!!!!!! The cover for Kristin Cahsore's next book has just been released! If you've read my reviews of Graceling and Fire, you know that I absolutely loooooove these books. I've been waiting for news of the new book (Bitterblue) since July last year. So I find it completely understandable that I'm over-the-top excited about this. So now that I've given a little bit of background info, you probably want to see Bitterblue, don't you? Well here it is:

Isn't it gorgeous? It's absolutely beautiful! If you're like me and love these books, here is a link that will give you some more information about this long-awaited companion of Fire and Graceling. The release date is still a little while away (May 1, 2012), so that gives us plenty of time to catch up with the series.
Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you know anything else about Bitterblue!

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