Waiting, Waiting...

I don't have school today or tomorrow. Yay! But the rest of my family does. :P That means I'm bored. So the first thing I'm waiting for is my dad to get home. He gets home early today, so we can go to the golf course and play a round ('cause I'm a high school golfer and I'm going to state on Monday!). Also, he said he'd take me to the bookstore after we finished. Double yay! The Death Cure by James Dashner was just released, and if you checked My Wish List tab, you saw it on there.

I'm also waiting for a number of other things like an email, November 4th, an idea, more books... But anyway, here's the book trailer for The Death Cure, if you were curious:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on your golfing!! That is so exciting! And getting the day off? Wonderful :) So I'm assuming your going to buy it? Cause if you don't I'll strangle you! Lol. We both need to know how this story ends and I won a contest where I got to choose a book from the Depository and that is the one I chose! Thanks for sharing that trailor, I haven't seen it before so that was interesting to watch! Kinda scary but that portray's the books :D Have a great day Amanda!!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yep, I just ordered it at the bookstore today. They didn't have it in stock :( hopefully it'll be here soon! Happy reading!

  3. Good luck at state! I'm sure you'll do great and will probably have a book to read on the way! ;-)


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