Book Review: Far From the War by Jeffrey David Payne

Synopsis (from Goodreads.com): Economic ruin and partisan rancor have pushed America to the brink of a new civil war. Esther is caught in the middle, serving as a page in the United States House of Representatives when rogue politicians and military leaders stage a modern day coup d'etat. When the coup turns violent, she abandons Washington, D.C. for home. She must learn to survive on her own as transportation and financial networks fail, as the war disrupts food and water supplies. The result is a cautionary tale about political extremism and the true cost of war.

My Review: *I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.* This was an excellent book. I loved it. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. This war suddenly starts out of nowhere and all Esther wants is to go home. Unfortunately for her, it's not as simple as boarding a plane anymore. As she travels across the country, she meets old friends, makes new ones, sits through long car and train rides, and long treks through cold forests.

I loved how the setting changed often. There was always something new. I also loved how no one was safe. The events in the book effected everyone somehow. It wasn't all about running and hiding, either. It was about the effects of war on family and friendships. It was relatable. The characters were all relatable. Relatable characters make it easier to like the book. They were all well-developed too.

So I loved this book, and hopefully you will too! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, I loved this book too! I totally agree with your thoughts. It was such a unique read. I'm having a giveaway for it and I was wondering if you could help me promote it? I understand if you can't but I just wanted to spread the word.

    It can be found here: http://tantalizingillusions.blogspot.com/2011/09/giveaway-and-interview-far-from-war-by.html

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'd love to help. I'll put a link up :)

  3. I have this to review so it's great to hear that you enjoyed it!


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