The Dark Side

So the Force. It’s a mystical Jedi-power. There’s a dark side and a good side. I hear the dark side has cookies. Cookies are delicious. Anyway, There is this bad guy called the Sith Lord who rules the dark side. He has a bunch of Darths working for him, corrupting people and stuff. I think I want to be one of those Darths.

When I was little, Star Wars movies were the bomb. They still kind of are. The newest ones were just coming out and they had everyone excited. Everyone had a light-saber toy and everyone wanted to be a Jedi. Everyone except me. Have you ever noticed that none of the Jedis get the cool red and black faces or the awesome movie lines? Only a Darth could get away with saying, “Luke, I am your father,” and be eternally remembered for it.

For those of you who are still skeptical, let me draw your attention to a particular person: Anakin Skywalker. This young man was an excellent Jedi. He was supposed to save the world or whatever. One day, this bad guy called the Sith Lord drew him over to the dark side with promises of power and cookies. Apparently, Anakin Skywalker also found cookies to be delicious. Anyway, through a long and seemingly painful process, Anakin Skywalker became the greatest Darth of all time: Darth Vader. How awesome is that? The answer you’re looking for: very awesome.

That being said, I’m sure that now all of you want to be Darths as well. Luckily for you, the dark side is recruiting. Everyone who signs up will receive a cookie. They only have chocolate-chip, so if you’re a sugar cookie fan, well sucks for you. It is the dark side after all.

Just a little something I wrote for creative writing class. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading!


  1. The picture of Darth Vader is a cool touch. Lucky for me I'm not a fan of sugar cookies- chocolate chip gal all the way.

  2. Hello Amanda!

    I've been searching you're entire blog for your contact info so that I could send you a review request. Maybe I'm blind I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Is there an email I can send you my info to?


  3. Hey thanks for stopping by!

    Psh, who doesn't like chocolate chips?

    My email is: manderzizawsome@gmail.com. I have it in my links section, but I'm not entirely sure the link works. I'll double check that ;)

  4. New follower here. Love your blog design, Amanda!


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