Book Review: Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

Synopsis (from Goodreads.com):

Las Vegas is gone—destroyed in a terrorist attack. Black Hawk helicopters patrol the skies over New York City. And immersive online gaming is the most dangerous street drug around. In this dystopic near-future, technology has leapt forward once again, and neuro-headsets have replaced computer keyboards. Just slip on a headset, and it’s the Internet at the speed of thought.

For teen hacker Sam Wilson, a headset is a must. But as he becomes familiar with the new technology, he has a terrifying realization. If anything on his computer is vulnerable to a hack, what happens when his mind is linked to the system? Could consciousness itself be hijacked? Before he realizes what’s happened, Sam’s incursion against the world’s largest telecommunications company leads him to the heart of the nation’s cyberdefense network and brings him face to face with a terrifying and unforeseen threat.

My Review: This book was awesome! I was stepping way out of my comfort zone when I picked this up (I am not a math/computer person at all) but I'm so glad I did. This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The attention to detail was awesome. All of the codes and hacks and things like that were explained really well, so that people like me who don't get computers would get what was going on. I loved the comparisons and analogies Mr. Falkner used to explain and make it relateable.

The characters were super awesome, too. The main character was definitely the coolest. I wish I was a computer genius like him. A lot of the other characters were pretty cool. This book had a lot of computer geniuses and hackers in it. Hackers are awesome. Guess what else was awesome. The plot. It kept surprising me. I couldn't guess hardly any of it, especially not the end. I was so disappointed when it ended! The ending was great, but I wanted to read more!

So scifi fans would definitely like this, as well as wannabe computer geniuses like me, and people who like hacker books and movies. Hehe. Those are great. Anyway, up next for review is Firelight by Sophie Jordan and thanks for reading!

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