New Shoes.

So today at golf practice I was showing off my new shoes to my friend Samantha. They're the cutest blue plaid Vans ever. We were walking and talking when I said: "Vans is a dumb name for shoes," to which she replied "Yeah, what if it meant real vans? You can't fit both your feet on real vans."
Can you guess what we said next? Let me give you a hint, we said it at the same time and it was followed by an outburst of giggles. No? Well I'll tell you anyway. "Unless they were mini-vans!!!!"
The rest of my day consisted of my Spanish teacher informing me that I had to redo a worksheet in tutoring before school and a girl inviting me to a movie party thingy on Friday and then turning around and telling me I couldn't come (I didn't want to go anyway and I made plans with Samantha). So that was my day and this is my post. I'll have a book review up as soon as I don't have golf practice and homework. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Like that'll ever happen. Lol. I'll have a review of The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong up later this week but until then, enjoy this meaningless post and the song of the week.

Thanks for reading!
P.S. I'm thinking I need a signature. If anyone feels creative and wants to make one, I'll send a Nicholas Sparks book to my favorite! I'd like it to say something along the lines of "Amanda B." so if anyone feels up to that let me know and send the finished product to my email in an attachment. Thanks everyone!

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