I Wrote A Poem!!!!!!

I'm not completely sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I despise poetry. Let me clarify that. I despise writing poetry. I will read it on occasion but don't expect to see any reviews of poetry books. Ever. With that being said, you may wonder why the title of this post is indeed "I wrote a poem!!!!!!" Well here's your answer: I wrote a Poem!!!!! Today in creative writing Dragon Lady said "Take notes!" then proceeded to tell us about a form of poetry originally created by the ancient Greeks called an ode. Wonderful. Then she said "Write an ode!" Delightful. After a good five minutes of staring blankly into space I turned to my friend Amber with an idea. "What if we write a poem about Fantasy?" I ask. A light goes off in her head and the rest is history. We weren't completely sure if we were allowed to work together but we did anyway. Here is what we came up with:

Ode to Fantasy 
 by Amber and Amanda

Far lands unknown yet seen,
Where mythical beings of improbable nature
Do in fact reside.
Here indeed does light exist
The purest creatures,
The purest hearts.
The Seelie Court houses dryads and niads,
The forrests hold the gentle elves,
Within the hills lie the vigilant dwarves.
Don't forget Midsummer's Eve,
Where all comes together in feverish dance.

There are some places
Where laughter comes seldom,,
Where darkness is dominant,
Where the evil things lurk.
The Unseelie Court is host to these creatures,
The creatures of nightmare
Like red caps and banshees.
Watch out for dragons and
Vampires and witches,
If you go with them,
You'll never come back.

Good o'er evil,
Dark o'er light.
Friend or foe,
You may choose your side.
Where magic flies
And thoughts run wild,
Be carfule what you wish for,
For it might come back to haunt you
As this real holds the key
To our joy and our anguish.

It's pretty good, eh? I think it's fantabulous (for me anyway). Did you know fantabulous was a real word? Me neither. Anyway, I hoped you like it and if not, well pretend you did. If you want to repost this, please don't without saying who wrote it (Amanda B. and Amber C.) and where it came from (Amanda's Writings). If you don't want to repost this then pretend the last sentence isn't there.

Sometime in the near future I will be posting a review of The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong but in the meantime, thanks for reading!


  1. Great poem Amanda! And no, I never knew fantabulous was a word! haha lol :) Make sure to tell Amber, a job well done!


  2. Hi again Amanda, I just wanted to stop by and say that I have given you and your blog The Stylish award! This is the link for the post:



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