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I'm bored. I hear that's a nasty side effect of being sick. I'm not really in the mood for reading or watching movies or writing. Blogging doesn't sound too bad though, so blogging is what I'll do. This will be a completely random post. Just letting you know.

So I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one a while ago, like in November. There was this one character who looked awesome. He was perfect. Just like I imagined him. Maybe a little bit better. He's a snatcher. He was only in the book briefly. He was in the movie a little more. His name is Scabior. Ringing any bells? Here's his picture:
Yep. He looks like a snatcher all right. His character was super cool in the movie. I hope he's in part two :D

So the other night I was drawing a map. Don't ask why, I just felt like drawing a map of a made up place. It started out pretty awesome. It had rivers and mountains and cities and roads and forests and islands. It was pretty late and I was pretty tired. I was labeling the islands. I named the small ones first, then when I moved on to the biggest one I started by writing an 'R.' Next came an 'A.' Then I accidentally wrote the letter 'L.' By that time I had forgotten what I was going to name it but I knew it wasn't supposed to have an 'L' in it. I sighed and went to write the next letter, deciding just to change the name of the island. I moved on to the next letter, fully intending not to write an 'L.' Well, I wrote another 'L.' I frowned and tried to change it. It ended up an 'F.' The island's name was now 'Ralf.' That was not at all what it was supposed to be. Unfortunately for me, I was using a pen. So until I find some white-out, the island's name is 'Ralf.'

Recently, my family has acquired the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. My younger siblings and I have been watching it nonstop for the past four days. We finally finished it today. I've already seen most of the episodes, but I'd never seen them in order until now. I did see a couple of episodes that I'd never seen before as well. Let me just say that this cartoon series is my favorite cartoon ever. One of my favorite shows ever. One of my favorite characters is Azula. (Oh boy. Here we go again. I always seem to like the bad guys, don't I?) Well maybe favorite is the wrong word. I always liked her character. She's powerful, she's obviously evil, and she's smart. This is her:
Moving on. So anyone who's seen even just half an episode of this cartoon knows that there is a war going on. The Fire Nation are the bad guys in this war. They've wiped out all the Air Nomads (except for one), they've attacked/weakened the Water Tribes, and they are working on the Earth Kingdom. Just to be clear, in this world, there are people who can manipulate the elements. Fire Nation has firebenders, Air Nomads have Airbenders and so on. The Avatar can control all four elements and is in charge of keeping the balance between the nations. Aang (the last airbender) happens to be the avatar. But this post isn't about Aang. It's about Azula. Azula is the princess of the Fire Nation. We've already established that she's scary. Her own mother thought she was a monster. Her older brother is slightly terrified by her. Her father (also evil) doesn't share these feelings. He puts her in charge of hunting down the Avatar, chasing down her brother (he was banished, by the way) and towards the end he decides to make her Fire Lord after declaring himself Phoenix King.

Between her chases and becoming Fire Lord, she begins to snap. First, the two girls she thought were her friends betray her. (They did the right thing, but Azula's evil, remember?) That didn't make her too happy. Next, her father told her she couldn't come with him when he went to go burn down the Earth Kingdom. He softened the blow by making her Fire Lord. The day of her coronation, she decides she can't trust anyone and banishes all her servants, firebenders, and her 'secret service.' Just as she is being crowned Fire Lord, her brother shows up and says "You're not becoming Fire Lord today, I am." This is what she looks like now:
Now she looks deranged. Her brother, previously thinking he wouldn't be able to take Azula by himself, brought along a friend (a waterbender) to help him. He sees the state Azula is in and decides he can take her and challenges her to a fire duel. The waterbender watches anxiously from the sidelines as the deranged princess battles her brother. This is probably the coolest battle in the wholes series, other than the one that takes place between the Avatar and the self-declared Phoenix King. There's big explosions of blue and orange fire. Azula looks scary. Her brother looks determined. He taunts her a little bit (something about not using lightning) and she says "I'll show you lighting!" then promptly conjures up some lightning and aims for her brother who could easily redirect it at her. At the last second she changes targets. The lightning heads for the waterbender on the side. Azula's brother intercepts it but is unable to redirect it correctly and collapses.

With her brother out of the way, Azula heads for the waterbender. Another impressive battle takes place with lots of blue fire and lightning, and lots of water. The waterbender lures Azula onto this drain thingy and just as Azula attacks, the waterbender freezes them both in an impressive splash of water. The waterbender takes a chain she found by the wall earlier and bends the water around until she has tied Azula's hands to the drain thing. She unfreezes the splash, tightens the chain, then runs to Azula's brother to tend to his wounds. Meanwhile, Azula finally cracks. The first time I watched this with my brothers, they burst out laughing. My reaction was quite the opposite. I burst into tears. I wasn't crying because my favorite character was defeated (that's a dumb reason to cry). It just struck me as horribly sad. Here is what she looks like now:

I don't find this funny. Not even a little bit.

Yes she was a terrible person and she did terrible things but in my opinion no one should have to suffer to the point of cracking like this. That my brothers found her pain amusing made me quite upset. She was shooting her blue fire out her mouth, screaming, and beating her head on the ground. It wasn't funny. It wasn't meant to be funny. Yeah, I know this is a cartoon, but it's a great story. I love great stories in whatever form they come in. Most stories I read have a character that just seems to stick with me. Azula is one of those. Bellatrix (from Harry Potter) is another one. She almost ended up like Azula. She would have been like Azula if Molly hadn't killed her. I guess this is just my kind of character. What kind of characters stick with you? 

I'm pleased to inform you that I am no longer bored. Now I'm in more of a thoughtful mood. Perhaps a writing mood? If you read this, thanks for reading my jumbled up thoughts and randomness. Well the first two topics were kind of random, but I hope you got something from the third. If you didn't read it and just skipped to the end, well, thanks for stopping by my blog. With all my thoughts now set out for you to dissect, I bid you good night.

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