Sorry. Here Are Some Poems.

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything awesome in a while. I noticed too. Sorry. I'm overloaded with homework and golf. We have our first tournament in two weeks! But anyway, for creative writing class we've had to write a few poems, so I think I'll go ahead and post those. Just to warn you, I'm not good at poetry. Here's the first one:
(No Title)

On a long and winding road

The mountains do tower over me.

As if by some unspoken code,

My eyes travel to the leaves.

Colors splashed across the range,

The over powering scent of sage

The leaves are yellow, red and gold,

Brightening up the mountain side.

For every leaf I catch, I’m told

I get a wish, my eyes grow wide.

My mind is whirring, thinking fast,

To pick a wish while the leaves last.

The wind began to softly blow,

Making colors swirl and twirl.

All of the sudden I did grow,

To more than just a little girl.

I caught those leaves with arms spread wide,

And tried to stem the flowing tide.

Autumn is here, at last, again,

The smells and colors comforting.

While in the trees I want to remain,

In the distance the school bell rings.

Calling me reluctantly away,

With tears in eyes, I wish to stay.


The Five Stages of Grief Writing Poetry

There is no way this can be happening,

I can’t believe that I have to do this.

I can almost feel my brain just snapping,

My hand begins to clench into a fist.

I get so mad I scribble on the sheet,

And then tears of anger roll off my nose.

Then all of the sudden I feel so meek,

I ask the teacher if I can cut rows.

When she says no my face goes blank and numb,

And anger and sadness seep forth again.

I sit in the chair and stare at my thumb,

I finally have to set down my pen.

At last I realize I have to finish,

To the class I present with a flourish.

(I like that one :)

And last for tonight:

Oh How I Adore Thee, School

The gleaming hallways I do so adore,

And don’t forget the lockers banging shut.

Every day I love what teachers have in store,

And, of course, the kid just like a nut.

Why would I wish for it to be over

When I could just live here and be happy.

And just when I think it cannot be better,

A boy walks up to me with hair rather flappy.

He asks if I could please show him a skill,

I smile and I pretend I know it well.

I love watching Doctor Phil,

I am relieved when I do hear the bell.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment! I'll catch up on my postint this weekend, I promise ;)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi-I found your blog via the hop-I enjoyed your poems


    Mel u


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