Happy Halloween!

Good morning everyone! I bet you know what day it is! Yeah. It's Halloween! I was all for going trick-or-treating with my brothers, but unfortunately for me, my asthma was bad on Friday. Uh, so? That was two days ago. Yeah, well that's what I said. Sigh. I have been banished to the living room, handing out candy to little kids who probably don't deserve any of it. Hahahaha. Also, my hands smell like pumpkins, but my brain is able to forget that unpleasant smell due to the fact that my pumpkin looks fantastic. I'll post a picture tonight, along with my fabulous Cinderella costume. Oh speaking of Cinderella, my fabulous co-writer was over at my place of living the other day and we came up with some fabulous (I seem to enjoy that word to day. Fabulous.) ideas for our Cinderella retelling! (I also seem to like the exclamation points today, no?) Unfortunately for the people who will be reading this story in its completed state, these wonderful ideas include murder and heart break. In that order. They aren't related to each other directly. The murder doesn't cause the heartbreak. Oh, and the person who's heart is broken is someone who you will absolutely adore. This person will no doubt be a favorite character. I apologize in advance for crushing this character. I also apologize for not being sorry that I am going to crush this character.
Back to Halloween!  So tonight while my brothers and my sister (I would've mentioned her before but she seemed to have slipped my mind) are out trick-or-treating, I will treat myself to the candy from the candy dispensing bowl which will include miniature M&Ms which are my favorite and I will watch Alice in Wonderland, the fabulous new one with the fabulous Mad Hatter. I might also watch Hocus Pocus, but I probably won't get to it. Well, that's all for now! I'll post some fabulous pictures tonight and the song of the week will be posted tomorrow morning!

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