The Wolf

I wished myself into a storybook once, a long time ago. I’m not sure how, or how I got out, but I am sure of the fact that I never want to go back.

I woke up in a field with no idea how I got there. I stood up, brushed my pants off, and looked at my surroundings. In the distance there was a forest with enormous trees. It looked dark in there. I repressed a shudder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little red figure bobbing up and down. I squinted toward it. A little girl smiled up at me from under a hood and waved for me to follow her.

After catching up with the girl, time seemed to pass in a haze. Only one other thing stands out clearly in my mind, the one thing I wish I could erase forever, and the one thing that keeps replaying in my dreams; meeting the Wolf.

The girl and I could feel his presence before we saw him. She was extremely jumpy and kept glancing through the trees on either side of the little path we were on. We stopped abruptly at the sound of a breaking twig. We barely had time to blink before he jumped through the trees and in front of us. My eyes grew impossibly wide at the sight of him. One of his eyes was a milky white, and the other electric blue. There was a certain menace emanating from him that I had never felt before. He eyed us hungrily as he asked, “What do you have in your basket, little girl?” His voice was a low, rumbling growl filled with what I can only describe as evil. I suppressed a shudder, but before I had time to do anything else I was back in my house.

Even now, ten years later, that voice still cuts me like a knife dipped in icy terror.


I can smell her. I remember that scent well. So mouth-wateringly delicious. I was ever so disappointed when she never arrived at the cottage with the little girl. I was so looking forward to tasting that sweet-smelling flesh. Tonight I will finally get my meal. I am in the woods near her home, watching and waiting. It is dark when she finally walks out the door, shivering in the cold. She turns her back to me and I see my chance. “We meet again,” I growl. She whips around with terror in her eyes but her scream never leaves her lips.

Note: This is the condensed version I had to turn in. If you want the full version just let me know.

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