Please Excuse My Smelling. I Mean My Spelling.

So this post is on, you guessed it, spelling.

Alright so my first order of business for this spelling post is to point out that my spelling is horrible. I always find mistakes. I misspell my own name sometimes. The other day I was looking though my old posts and I found tons of spelling mistakes which I promptly fixed. It's honestly not a big idea. Everybody misspells words sometimes. It won't hurt my feelings if you point out a mistake I made. I'll fix it. Or just say I don't care. Something like that. It's not a big deal.

Second: Spelling is not the biggest mistake an aspiring author can make. Duh. People who say that get on my nerves. Usually when people write, they aren't thinking about the spelling, just the words coming out of their brains. There is a reason for spell check, you know. If you're a writer, spelling is not your job. At least not while you're writing. That's what the editing stage/editors are for. K? Oh and by the way, you don't worry about spelling during the revising stage, which comes before editing. If you don't know what revising is, ask me and I'll do a post about it. I won't if you don't ask, so if you don't know what it is, you'd better ask. Anyway, the biggest mistake an aspiring author can make is one I covered in a previous post. So go look.

Okiedokie, one last thing and then I'm done for the night. Here are some common spelling mistakes that really bug me: alot (supposed to be a lot), accross (supposed to be across), mispelling (misspelling people. misspelling), and acapella (I'm a singer. It's supposed to be a capella. If you don't know what that means, go google it). These are just a few of them. I will definitely yell at you if you use alot or acapella. Seriously. So spell those right.

Well I'm tired and tomorrow is Monday so if you have any questions you can comment, email, or go to my facebook fan page for this blog and leave a comment there. Oh I also have a twitter for this blog (link is at the bottom) so feel free to do that too.

Thanks for reading!

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