Cool Beans!

Okiedokie so this is one of those random posts that have a whole lot to do with nothing! Don't you just love those?

First random topic: Contest. OK, so you know that contest I posted about a little while ago? The one where if you subscribe to my blog you get an entry, and you get an extra one of you told someone about my blog and they subscribe? Yeah, that's the one. Its still up and as of right I have no entries so I'd say if you want to enter your chances are pretty good. Enter by commenting with the info on either this post or the previous post about the contest. Prize: a book. Not sure which one yet. Probably a new one. I'll also throw in some book marks with that wonderful new book. So come on people! Win that book!

Second random topic: Writing (one of my favorite topics). I have lots of stuff to say about writing. First of all, people like ask me why I write. That's an easy one. Because I have to. I don't mean like assignments, even though I do have those, I mean I just have to. Its like a physiological need. I have all these great ideas (some better than others by a large margin) floating around in my head that I want to tell people and the only way I can is to write them down. Second subtopic of this random topic of writing is... :D!!!!!! Just in case that wasn't clear enough, I just tied together two ideas that were at first completely separtate from each other. The one idea was just going to be a standalone story but I was thinking about something else I had written (not posted) and they fit! Now the part that I posted is no longer the beginning of a story, but the beginning of a sequel story. I love it when things fall into place like that!

Third random topic: Stories. I have a question for all of you. Do you write stories? If so, what are they about? If not, would you like to write stories? For those of you who do like to write, I would love to read them, if you would let me. Its totally awesome if you don't want me to read them because I don't really like people reading my stuff either. Woah! Amanda of Amanda's Writings who posts stuff she's written just said she doesn't like to share stuff she's written! Omigosh! Well, thats actually why I started this blog, so I would get more comfortable with sharing my stuff. Its working, by the way. I'm actually excited when I post stuff on my blog now. Anyway, if you DO want me to read your stories/poems/essays/other forms of writing, send me an email. Don't forget to put atleast your first name and your blog's name if you have one.

Fourth and final random topic: Advice. I don't mean relationship advice or dramatic problems, but writing or reading advice. I mean, I'd be more than happy to help with other stuff too, but drama gets annoying after a while. Anyway, if you have a problem with writing, like you don't know where to start, or you don't know what to write about, go ahead and ask me. You can shoot me an email, or post it in the comments, or facebook me, or whatever else there is. (Amanda's Writings does have a fan page on Facebook) Thats another reason why I started this blog: to help other writers. I actually do have one post with some advice but there is plenty more I could give you. So ask away!

Thats all I have for now. Oh I lied. One more thing:
Cool Beans!
Thanks for reading!

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