Mia G.

Ok so my friend Mia G. is the new book reviewer for my blog. Oh and she's also the co-writer of the Cinderella retelling I have the tendancy to post. To introduce her, we had a conversation via text messages that went something like this:

Me- "Hey Mia!"

Mia- "Yo."

Me- "What's up?"

Mia- "Nothing."

Me- "Sounds like fun."

Mia- "It is."

Me- "I bet. So... why did you want to review books?"

Mia- "Because I have nothing better to do with my superior ability to read."

Me- "Lol. Good answer. What's your favorite book?"

Mia- "Err, uhh idk! Too much pressure.. ima explode!"

Me- "Uhh, how about your favorite recent read?"

Mia- "I like everything."

Me- "Lol. What's your favorite snacky junk food thing?"

Mia- "Icecream!!!!"

Me- "Mmmmm that sounds good. Favorite movie?"

Mia- "Hmmm, the oceans series."

Me- "Hmmm, interesting."

And thats pretty much when it stopped being relevant. This upcoming week will include one, possibly two reviews by Mia and some more of that Cinderella retelling accompanied by a dress drawn by Mia for our Cinderella who is also known as Eleanor and Ella.

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