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Hey all you writers out there, whether you be 2 or 102; here are some tips you've probably already heard but is probably the best advice you'll ever hear for writing.

1. Practice. They say practice makes perfect. Let me tell you, it does. The Cinderella retelling and the untitled story are probably some of my best stories, but they're not perfect. There is a lot I could do to improve them despite what some of you may think. My first stories (I was quite proud of them when I wrote them)are terrible. They have all kinds of problems. Don't count on seeing them posted. But that's OK. Almost everybody starts out like that. Just ask around. You can't just practice once or twice a month and then think you can take on the world with your wonderful *cough* crappy *cough* story because you can't. Write every day, even if you don't feel like writing. Especially when you don't feel like writing. Again: Practice makes Perfect.

2. Read. You can't write if you don't read. Plain and simple. That's how you learn to write (I don't mean letters, or book reports, just FYI). That's how you learn to create your stories. Most people when they're starting out actually re-write their favorite books and just put in different names. My first story has an uncanny likeness to Harry Potter. The only difference was the main character was a girl and she had a brother. That's OK. Don't freak out if your best friend comes up to you with a story all excited and its a poorly written copy of the Goblet of Fire. Just pat them on the back and tell them how good their story is. Actually just pat them on the back. Their story (most likely) is horrible. Rewriting books is a good way to practice. You learn to develop the characters, develop their voices, and how to make the story flow. Another thing: don't only read your favorite books, branch out and read the crap that bores you to death. That's how you learn. I know I'm sounding redundant now but I hear repeating yourself is the best way to remember something. So read, read everything, and read often.

3.Write down EVERYTHING. Write down all your ideas, you'll never know when you'll want them again. Its a horrible feeling when you had this great idea for a story that you were really excited to write and all you can remember is that you were excited to write about it. Never throw anything you write down away, whether its character descriptions or single words. Keep it. File it away. Hide it under your pillow. Just DON'T throw it away. You'll regret it. Trust me. And if you do happen to heed my words and not throw your precious idea/single word/character description away, put it somewhere organized. If under your pillow is the most organized place you can find, put it there. Later in life, be it next week or in ten years, you'll be glad if you can find your things easily.

4. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!! If you give up I will personally hunt you down and karate chop your head off. I mean it. If someone tells you your writing sucks, box their ears and tell them I told you to do that if anyone said your writing sucks, unless they said it politely and they are right. If they're right go and edit/write ten excellent pages that will make J.K. Rowling get on her knees and beg for you to tell her your secrets. (Just in case you haven't noticed, I'm a tad bit obsessed with Harry Potter). If you give up just because someone didn't like what you wrote, then forgive me, but you're pathetic. There's always going to be someone who doesn't like your writings and they aren't worth your time. I know it hurts when people don't like you but here is something that might make you feel better: Box their ears then walk away and never think of them again. Focus on the people who 1. like your story and 2. want to help you to make your story better (aka constructive criticism). If you give up just because someone told you your story would be great with a little more explanation in chapter two, or more detail in paragraph twenty six then you shouldn't be wasting your time reading this. Go play basketball or Mario Kart.

5.Do Other Things. Don't spend all your time shut away in the dark corners of your bedroom reading and writing. Get out and experience things. You can't write anything if you don't do anything. It will just be a poorly written copy of the Prisoner of Azkaban. You have to know what a rose smells like to describe the smell of a rose. You can't write a book about a basketball player if you've never seen a basketball game, even just on TV. That's just the way of the world. Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Don't write about things you know nothing about. See how that works?

6. Have Fun. If you don't like writing, odds are you aren't a good writer and you're wasting your time reading this post. You can love to read and not like to write. Its OK. Go read your book. Don't waste your time. Write because YOU want to, not because someone told you to (unless its a school assignment. don't tell your teacher I told you you don't have to write if you don't want to, 'cause you'll get in trouble). If you do like to write, ignore the people who tell you you're wasting your time writing, because they're wrong, k? Got that? Write because you enjoy it. Write because you're a writer.

These are just a few of the good tips that can be found all over the Internet, and even in books. Imagine that! Books that tell you how to write books! What a concept! Now having said this, go write me five pages then comment and tell me how much you liked/loved/disliked/hated my post. Good night!

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