A council had been called. All the important people of the City of Angabar were making their way to Central Hall, all wondering the same thing: What now?

The King and Queen of the Southern Realm of Taintus were seated already at the head of the large rectangular table of polished maple with excited expressions on their kindly faces. The door opened and the King beamed as the Nobles of Angabar began to poor into the meeting room. When everybody was standing behind their respectable chairs, the King and Queen stood and the people bowed. The King then smiled and gestured for them to sit down. “Thank you all for coming at such short notice,” he said in his pleasantly rich tones. His blue eyes twinkled and some of the people grimaced, knowing that he knew they were tired of being called to councils. “As soon as my daughter arrives,” he continued (they all looked at the empty seat on his left); “we shall begin this council.”

The King then sat in his chair and quiet murmuring broke out around the table. The King leaned close to the Queen’s ear to whisper something when the door opened once again. The noise stopped and all heads turned to see the King’s daughter walk through the door with a certain air of smugness about her. She carried herself upright and held her head high with her bouncy brown curls spilling about her shoulders, and there was no doubt that she was a daughter of kings. She walked pass the seated nobles, smiling almost mockingly at any who met her cold gaze. She seated herself daintily upon her chair and looked to the King. “Sorry I’m late, Father,” she said in a clear and proud voice.

The King smiled at her. “It’s quite alright, Madelene,” he said, his eyes beaming. “Now that you are here, we may begin.”

He cleared his throat and all straitened in their chairs, listening intently. “The King of the Eastern Realm, King Ebelard, has sent me a message requesting the union of our Realms.”

The few who had remained slouched in their chairs suddenly straitened up and were now gazing at the King intently, drinking in every word.

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