First Post

For this first post I'll just tell you a bit about myself and what I like to write about.

My name is Amanda Breck and I love to read, and I love reading about the worlds and characters created in books so much that I decided to write my own stories. Some of them include a love story, a kidnapping story, a dragon story, and a fairy tale adaptation. I mostly write about what ever comes to me. The first major story I wrote was about a brother and a sister I had a dream about. From then on I started drawing inspiration from the things around me and using it in my stories. A lot of my stories begin with settings similar to where I started thinking about the story.

A tip to all who want to become writers/authors: Read. A lot. And write a lot too. You can't be a good writer without reading, and the best readers are usually writers, too. One last thing; you need to practice writing. More times than not, the first story you write will stink. Mine did. So read, write, read, and write some more, then go back and read again. That way you can get better at both.

With that being said, good night everyone, and happy writing! I'll be posting some of my current story soon!

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